Bucks Close Out Series against the Magic

The Milwaukee Bucks win Game 5 beating the Magic by a final of 118-104. They will go on to face the Miami Heat in the next round. They were 1-2 against them during the regular season. The one win came when Jimmy Butler didn't play.

Bucks Stats:

Giannis: 28 pts. 17 Reb.

K. Middleton: 21 pts. 10 Reb. 7 Ast.

B. Lopez: 16 pts. 7 Reb.

Magic Stats:

N. Vucevic: 22 pts. 15 Reb. 5 Ast.

E. Fournier: 18 pts.

M. Fultz: 14 pts. 5 Reb.

Bucks win series 4-1


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