NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs 14-1 (1)

All they do is win. Clinched the #1 seed and 1st rd bye in the playoffs. They are the favorites to win it all again.

2. Green Bay Packers 12-3 (2)

With all the talk about Aaron Rodgers replacement drafted in the offseason. Looks like the Bad Man himself may have the last laugh.

3. Buffalo Bills 12-3 (3)

If it weren't for Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers having monster years. Josh Allen will be getting the MVP. He has 4,320 passing yards 34 TD 9 INT on the year. Look out for the Bills in the playoffs.

4. New Orleans Saints 11-4 (4)

Does Drew Brees have enough left in the tank?? It's now or never. With the injuries to the ribs. That defense may have to carry them to a Super Bowl.

5. Seattle Seahawks 11-4 (5)

My top 5 is staying put. While the offense has been struggling lately. How about that defense!! Jamal Adams has the unit playing lights out. This could spell trouble for opposing teams in the playoffs.

6. Miami Dolphins 10-5 (9)

Miami pulled out a miracle against the Raiders last week to keep their hopes alive. Tua or Fitz?? Ryan Fitzpatrick led the comeback and this is now the 2nd time Tua has been benched in the 4th quarter. Regardless who starts, this defense causes problem no matter who they face.

7. Tennessee Titans 10-5 (6)

They haven't clinched a playoff spot yet or even the division. I think they'll get in. Derrick Henry and the Titans take on the Houston Texans this week and I can see him running his way to the playoffs.

8. Washington Football Team 6-9 (NR)

Ya that's right. Here is the shocker pick right here. Call me CRAZY!! They haven't clinched a spot yet. But with a win against Philadelphia this week they are in. Will they win? Who knows. But if they get a first round matchup against the Bucs. I can see them winning that game.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-5 (NR)

They are up and down. The schedule got soft for them here in the end. But hey Tom Brady in the playoffs. Anything can happen. Super Bowl is in Tampa. Bucs fans can dream, right?

10. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-3 (NR)

Big Ben led a big 2nd half comeback against the Colts last week. The offense finally clicked for the 1st time in weeks. Are they any good though? They'll rest their starters this week for the big game as they have already clinched the #3 seed in the AFC.


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