Top 10 Most Disrespectful Dunks of All Time

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Catch the footage in the video segments on the site or on YouTube. It was a hard list to compile. So many dunks to choose from. Some unfortunately had to be left off.

10. Michael Jordan dunks on Ewing

This one is so memorable to me because of the Bulls and Knicks rivalry in the 90's.

The iconic Jordan juked out Starks and Oakley and finished with the baseline dunk on Ewing.

9. Blake Griffin on Pau Gasol

Blake actually did this twice in the same game. I chose the one with the elbow to the throat and tossing him to the ground. Talk about disrespect!

8. Baron Davis assaults Andrei Kirilenko

Oh man. This Warriors team and Baron Davis was special. One of the loudest crowds in NBA history. The reason why I use "assault" is because Kirilenko's nickname was AK 47. But Baron Davis is the one who assaulted him on this play.

7. LeBron James cancels Jason "the Jet" Terry

You knew it was coming when the play was unfolding. LeBron dropped Terry to the floor and stood over him. Flight cancelled!

6. Dwayne Wade posterizes Varejao

Oh my! Anderson Varejao's life ended after this dunk. Wade went right down the lane and posterized him. Sending the Heat crowd and everybody in attendance to their feet.

5. Shaq sends Chris Dudley into the crowd

This was vintage Shaq. Posted Dudley up. Turned around and finished with a 2 handed monster jam. A little extra after the dunk as he pushed Dudley into the crowd. Embarrassing him forever.

4. DeAndre Jordan puts Brandon Knight to Sleep

I heard they drew a chalk line around the body after this one lol. Jordan put him to sleep!!

3. Shawn Kemp on Alton Lister

The tomahawk jam and then the point down to him to showcase the embarrassment. The ultimate disrespect.

2. Scottie Pippen on Ewing

Poor Patrick Ewing. He makes the list twice. One by Jordan and now one by Pippen. This one was just too personal. Pippen sent Ewing flying and kept him down as he stood over him. He also had some choice words for Spike Lee too.

1. Vince Carter Olympic Dunk

This is just the greatest dunk of all time. Point blank period! He jumped over a 7'2 guy and cleared him in transition. Nothing compares too Vinsanity!!


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