Westbrook traded to Lakers

So, LeBron James gets some more help. Always whining when he doesn't win and here we go again. But does this move make sense? Not really.

Russell Westbrook is a ball hog. He plays a "wild style" type of game. Careless, free for all, pad your numbers player. Part of the reason why he broke the triple double record this past season. Basically shoves his teammates out of the way for a rebound.

I would never want to be a teammate of his. But lets list some of the big names he has played with. Kevin Durant, James Harden (twice), Paul George, Bradley Beal, Carmelo Anthony, and Victor Oladipo.

Will it work? Probably not. Will LeBron trust him in giving up the ball? You have Anthony Davis too. This move really compromises the outside shooting for the Lakers.

I will say this, if Westbrook loses now. It really is going to tarnish him and his numbers. The Lakers will be favorites. Just by the talent these 3 have. Losing is not an option.


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